SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – (Good Things Utah) Val Cameron shares her reviews on the must-see movies for this weekend.


Grade B

Out on Apple TV+ today. 

She Said

Grade B+

Zoe Kazan and Carey Mulligan lead us into an emotional and powerful movie. They lead a team at The New York Times to shine a light on power, corruption and sexual harassment towards women on the workplace. They find that Hollywood is toxic and Harvey Weinstein is at the top of the list of offenders. 

How do you bring down a Hollywood heavy hitter when everyone is afraid? It’s hard and leads to a lot of dead ends. The movie doesn’t give much new ground on what has already been in the news, but it brings out the big circle of reality. This is a movie that everyone needs to see, and the performances by these two amazing women, Val Cameron said, are the best she has seen from both of them. 

Disenchanted (it’s national princess day) 

Disney+ today 

Grade B-

We are back with all of our favorite Enchanted characters. This time the storyline takes the audience to suburbia to try and live a fairytale life. Gazelle is a new mother and step mom who wanted to live somewhere that is like Analasia. Gazelle learns that sometimes happy ever after isn’t worth the cost and it is better to be content where you are. 

There are so many Easter eggs from every Disney princess movie ever made. Cameron explains how exciting it was to watch the movie and point out all of the easter eggs. Unlike the first movie, this movie has double the singing yet no big “bop” that you will remember later. It was cute and fun, but there was no memorable song that stood out. It is a good Disney+ watch with the kids and princess fans. Not as magical as the original.

The Menu

Rated R

Grade A-

The Menu is an unexpected ride of a movie. With some of your favorite actors like Ralph Feinnes, Anya Taylor Joy, John Leguizamo and Nicholas Holt, add in amazing food. What could possibly go wrong? Everything! The twists and turns in this movie are so fun and alarming. Cameron said this was a movie she couldn’t look away from. 

This very original movie has great acting, fun storytelling and will leave you unsure what you just saw and loving it. This is Cameron’s pick of the week! 

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