SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — Whether it’s looking for a gift for a guy friend, or maybe you’re in the market yourself, we have some products for you to check out.

The first product is for those hairy guys that want to reduce their body hair, especially in those below-the-belt areas. The Dude Pruner Fuzz Gun 2.0 is a like having your own at-home laser hair removal device. The reason it’s best for those sensitive areas is the Snow Ball Ice Cooling Technology that cools the treatment head down to 41 degrees. Each use is considered a flash and the easy-to-read counter tells you exactly what you have left from the starting number, 999,999. Get the Fuzz Gun 2.0 online at

Our second product for the guys, like the first, can definitely be used by both men and women. Who could turn down full-mouth teeth brushing in half the time of regular brushing? A dentist invented Symplbrush, which is a unit that is like having 20 regular toothbrushes in one. It’s comfortable to use and has pressure sensors to protect your gums from brushing too hard. The battery stays charged for 1-2 months after charging for 2 hours. The company recommends replacing the bristles every three months and they offer a subscription service that will ship them so you don’t forget. You can order Symplbrush online at

Last but not least, make your workout more fun with smart boxing gloves. DribbleUp Smart Boxing Gloves are a fun, yet techy way for beginners to advanced users to get a great workout. The gloves connect to any newer iPhone or Android device on their app, where you can then do live or on-demand workouts. They have classes that range all throughout the day for all experience levels. DribbleUp offers a subscription that is good for up to 6 family members included in the price and works across all their products. You can get these smart boxing gloves from