Fork Fest, a music and arts festival showcasing Utah’s best artists, will be celebrating their fourth annual show on Jun. 11. The festival will take place at Art Dye Park in American Fork. Presented by The Harrington Center for the Arts, a non-profit organization, the festival will showcase 28 artists either originally from Utah or local to Utah including Ritt Momney, Brandon Robbins and EJ MIchels, who sang an original song on Good Things Utah. 

“We’ve completely packed the festival experience this year,” said Sumerisa Stevens, president of Harrington Center for the Arts, a non profit organization. Sumerisa said the bands will perform across three stages and the festival, which is appropriate for all ages, will include 50 vendors, mural artists, bounce houses, and even a hammock hang out area. 

The festival’s purpose is to support local artists. “We balance the best artistic talent with reserving opportunities to get exposure and to perform alongside professionals.” said Spencer Stevens, Vice President of Harrington Center for the Arts. Spencer said there are over 16,000 people at events and over 800 bands performing annually. The submission process for talent begins in the fall and The Stevens work together with Corey Fox, owner of Velour music venue in Provo, to find the bands.In addition to celebrating the arts, the festival is about raising money for The Harrington School, the birthplace of music in public education west of the Mississippi. Founded in 1903, the Harrington School will receive a new theater that will serve as a community sharing center for the arts.   

To purchase tickets for the festival, go to Fork Festival’s website: Use promo code “GTU” for 15% off VIP and General Admission tickets. Admission is free for children 11 years and under. For more information on Harrington Center for the Arts and Fork Fest, follow them on Instagram.

Fork Fest: @Forkfestmusic

Harrington Arts Center: @Harringtoncenter