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There is no better way to spend time with your family than by enjoying a new movie and Val Cameron is here with us today for another Friday Flicks to let you know what films this week are must-sees.

Funny Thing About Love (PG)
Grade: C
While many holiday films are tailored to Christmas, Funny Thing About Love is finally a holiday film that happens during Thanksgiving. The movie tells the story of Samantha Banks, a successful woman who is taking her fiancé home for Thanksgiving but has no idea her family invited her ex-boyfriend as well. Cameron says, “If you are a fan of Hallmark movies, this will probably be right up your alley,” because it is a low-budget, independent, feel-good movie with a lot of cheesy, funny, family-style antics. Jon Heder, Barry Corbin and Pat Finn show their faces if you are looking for familiarity, but it is not enough to make this movie a home run. Overall, Cameron says you should add it to your “Hallmark” movie RomCom list, but this is not something you should run out to see in theaters.

Encounter (R)
Grade: C+
Riz Ahmed is back in this Sci-Fi Thriller and this time he plays the role of Malik, a decorated Marine, who believes he, his sons, and the planet are in danger. The film follows his mission as he sets out to save his two young sons from a mysterious threat, but once he retrieves his sons the movie changes and goes in a dangerous direction. Malik has a confidant he trusts during this journey, Hattie, played by Octavia Spencer. As he gets himself deeper and deeper into this twisted mystery, she tries to keep him grounded. This movie has many movements that keep you on the edge of your seat.
The story is something new and thrilling and Riz lives up to his talented acting chops; however, even though it has all of the ingredients for a really good thriller, Cameron says Encounter is messy in parts and losses momentum. It is a perfectly adequate movie that is good for a weekend night at home. “I would not rush out to see this one in the theatre, but luckily it will be on Amazon Prime Video December 10th,” said Cameron.

Flee (PG-13)
Grade: A
This Animated Documentary is an extraordinary story about an Afghan refugee named Amin Nawabi. His journey as a refugee began when he was just a child and now the secret, he has kept about his past for 20 years could hurt the life he has made and his future. This is a hard story to tell and witness, but the director, Jonas Poher Rasmussen, told the story mostly through animation. Cameron says the medium of animation made it easier to understand the story and not be so heartbroken. “It is brilliant, sad, heroic and unimaginable that a child, those children have to go through this,” said Cameron. This man has had such a compelling life and in Flee, he tells his story the first time. This documentary breaks many boundaries and we will see it nominated during this award season for several awards including Best Documentary and Best Animated Film.

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