If you are a mom on the go, this bag is for you! Jill Meredith, the founder of Blueprints Project, joined us in the studio today to solve all our organizational pain points. 

Their signature bag is known as the modern Mary Poppins bag. As a mom of five, Meredith mentions the need for a bag that has it all, but in a way that you can see it. Blueprints Project came up with a bag that consists of clear pouches and folds up into a compact carrier. They hope to help busy families simplify their every day by creating products that are simple to use.

Meredith says preparedness doesn’t have to be daunting and overwhelming. She shares simple ways to implement preparation into our daily lives. Use the rule of 3 when you go to the grocery store. Simply pick up a few extras of a meal you are making for your family. And over time you are going to quickly build up for short-term food storage with items you and your family love instead of buying items you won’t ever eat.

They offer 2 different sizes: The Everyday Original Blueprint and the Everyday Mini. They have waterproof zippers, welded pockets, a locking pocket if you have medications, a detachable pocket/clutch on the bottom that you can zip off and use as a second bag. It also has a blueprint at the top where you can write detailed information of what is in the bag and medical information you may need or want.

“The Modern way to be ready every day.” Visit their website www.blueprintsproject.com and on Instagram and Facebook @blueprintsproject