Miss Utah USA will make history as first LGBTQ+ woman to compete at Miss USA

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In the GTU studio we had Rachel Slawson, who was just crowned Miss Utah 2020. This spring, she’ll be the first openly bisexual woman to compete in the Miss USA competition.

Rachel has opened up about getting real about her mental health. She mentions she came out a year ago about her sexuality. When it was her second time competing at Miss Utah USA, she tried to end her life. It was not the stress of the pageant making Rachel break down. That is when she realized she needed to get help for her mental health.

“A lot of the issues started when I had a low self esteem. I started to internalize a lot after my parent’s divorce. ” Rachel says that people don’t realize that when you are talking about your ex in a situation, kids internalize that.” When she lost to Miss Utah the second time she competed, she wanted to self harm. Out of all the experiences Rachel has been through, it has helped her get her mental health healthy again.

Rachel is still in awe to make Utah history about being the first openly bisexual woman in the pageant to show others that LGBTQ+ people can wear a crown and they should be recognized. Rachel also wants to represent people in her life who have bipolar disorder. She wants to help everyone understand that mental illness is okay and to not feel ashamed about.

Don’t Miss Rachel on stage this spring as she competes in the Miss USA pageant. Follow her on her social media. Instagram @saltyrachel

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