SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Start your day off right with a mindful start in your morning routine. Shantel Reitz shared her tips with us for her daily morning practices that will help you master your mornings.

Shantel’s first step is to start with gratitude. Starting with gratitude brings positive energy to your practice and sets you up for success. Then she moves on to a brain dump. She journals and writes down whatever is on her mind, helping her to release anything that might be a distraction.

Next, she moves on to set her intention. Setting your intention helps you to think about what your goal is with your time. This step coincides with the next step, which is reviewing your upcoming day. What do you want to gain from your practice and how do you want it to impact you in the day ahead? What do you have planned and how do you want to show up for it?

Next, Shantel moves on to 5-10 minutes of breath work followed by a meditation. This helps to elevate vibrational energy and elevate your heart rate. Her final step is movement. Once again, this raises your heart rate and gets you into a more receptive state for your day.

While this might add some time to your normal morning routine, the difference in how you feel all day long will be worth it. Incorporating a daily mindful morning practice allows you to be more intentional and focus on getting what you want out of your life.  

If you would like the opportunity to be a part of the next women’s circle with Shantel, reserve your spot at It is happening at 7:15 PM on April 6 at Core 7 Fitness in Sandy.