Shauna Grow, founder of Chic Over 50, came to Good Things Utah to talk about making time for exercise for everyone for Fitness Friday. Grow, who specializes in lifestyle for women over 50, wants everyone to know how accessible it is to exercise no matter what age. Grow believes exercises are what keep people youthful and help preserve their bodies. Grow exercises each day with the exceptions of Sundays. Grow also wants viewers to know that they do not need to attend a class at the gym or follow any specific exercise and not to overthink it. “We just have to move, that’s all! So if you like to dance, then dance! If you like to go on a walk, then go on a walk. The most important thing is to just move, be consistent and do what you like.” said Grow.

Grow says to viewers you can do any work out anywhere and do not even need to step foot at the gym. Grow travels a lot and has said she even fits her workouts while traveling. In a hotel room, she will do high intensity workouts such as burpees, jumping jacks, jumping with knee kicks and pair them with pushups. She usually does sets of 20 with no rest because you need to keep your heartrate up. However, if someone needs a rest, then they need to take it. You can also always do a modified version of these exercises.

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