Michelle Young gives viewers a glimpse into the new season of The Bachelorette

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Are you ready for more drama? Season 18 of The Bachelorette is premiering tonight and we’re chatting with the bachelorette herself, Michelle Young. She joins us for a zoom interview where she gives viewers a glimpse into the new season.

Young appeared as a contestant on Matt James’ season of Bachelor this past year where she was the runner-up. She’s an elementary school teacher from Minnesota which is where her season will take place. Young will have the opportunity to date 30 men in an effort to find her forever person. She expressed that there will be a great group of diverse men coming to our tv screens very soon.

Nicea and Deena questioned the new Bachelorette about what’s to come on her journey to find love. She shared that as a former athlete, she’s trained to put her game face on. However, this process requires her to get vulnerable and take down her walls to build a genuine relationship. She explains how she wants a relationship that resembles her parents’ of 30 years and in order to build a connection like that she had to be vulnerable.

When asked what she is looking for in her future husband, Young explained that she wants someone who is driven and has goals. She is a goal oriented person who understands that in order to achieve a goal, it requires action. She and the hosts also laughed at her request for a man who isn’t involved in drama as she will be the star of a hit reality show rich with dramatic highs and lows. However, given the circumstances she says she will be watching to see how the men react in various scenarios to find the man she can see a future with.

The Bachelorette shared that after all is said and done, she is happy. So to follow along on her season, tune in to the season premiere tonight, Oct. 19 at 8 pm ET on ABC!

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