Chili Beak chili oil has a new owner! CEO David Born invited us to Square Kitchen in downtown SLC where the local spicy roasted chili oil is made. You can put the versatile oil on tacos, eggs, red rice, or even mix into ranch dressing. Drizzle it on your hummus, or a cheese plate, the options are endless!

We tried it mixed into habanero jam, and experienced how it starts sweet and ends with a little spice. The line of caramels is mouth-watering, made with Chili Beak, and flavors that include orange habanero, a dairy-free option with coconut milk, and a coffee and habanero. We also sampled the oil on Argentina’s Best Empanadas. There’s a habanero extract in the works as well, and David says it will be one of the more spicy options.

Chili Beak is celebrating it’s success with an official launch on Valentines Day! Head to Square Kitchen, where Nick Passey and the Perpetual Sadness acoustic group will by playing, burlesque dancers will be performing, Hammer Spring Distellery will be serving spicy cocktails, and of course there will be delicious catering. Get your tickets online below, and have a blast while supporting local!

Find Chili Beak at Caputos, Harmons, Jade Market, and online at