As the holidays inch closer, it’s important to make sure your mental well-being is in tact. Todd Sylvester joined us with some great ways to maintain a healthy mental state.

Creating a fortified mindset for stronger mental health, especially during the holiday season this year:

1. The best definition of anxiety – A misuse of our imaginations.

2. Creating awareness: What the average person worries about in a day: 40% will never happen, 30% already happened, 12% is irrational, 10% what others think about us, and 8% are legitimate concerns.  

3. The Power of a letter: Write someone a note of appreciation and gratitude to family members, friends, school teachers, etc. Giving back creates a connection and connection helps us control our minds. 

4. If you want to be…Give it away!  – This is the most powerful principle on the planet.