Salt Lake City (Good Things Utah) – Mental health advocates, Todd Sylvester and Mckenna Brown joined us in the studio today to spread knowledge on overcoming hard times and enduring them with hope for a brighter tomorrow. Tune in to hear what they have to say on overcoming your mountains. 

Both Todd and Mckenna share their personal stories on overcoming mental health challenges. Todd Sylvester struggled with severe drug use for nearly ten years. Now, 33 years after being drug-free, he has seen firsthand the amazing effects of tending to one’s mental health. Mckenna Brown found her struggles with mental health when she began experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety. Since overcoming these hopeless feelings, she now focuses on supporting other women to recognize their worth amidst their mental hardships.

Todd Sylvester created the you’re okay mental fitness app to provide more guidance and instruction for those on their mental health journey. Click here to download the app and find valuable tactics to combat your challenges.

To learn more about his story, follow Todd Sylvester on Instagram @tsinspires or visit his website To see more of what Mckenna Brown stands for, you can find her on Instagram @mckennarosebrown.