Men fail an impromptu female anatomy lesson and it’s hilarious

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  • On Good Things Utah this morning – This is so funny! Men fail badly during an impromptu female anatomy lesson on Jimmy Kimmel Live Listen, and we get it, the female anatomy is complex. You kind of learn by doing, so to speak. But you would think that most humans have a general idea of like, how many uteruses a person has. Well, according to Jimmy Kimmel Live’s latest man-on-the-street stunt, most men think all women have two uteruses, and if you ask one dude, we have six ovaries! We have the clip that will have you laughing all morning.
  • Plus, it’s Friday so we are reading viewer emails. This one in particular made our day… our thanks to Sherrie Durrant Francis!
  • And a Florida pediatrician is sharing a message for parents struggling to cope as the coronavirus pandemic enters its third year and the omicron variant upends yet another school year. Dr. Mona Amin, of Fort Lauderdale, told “Good Morning America” she took to social media to tell parents that they are enough and they need to take care of themselves too. “For the last two weeks, I’ve watched as COVID has raced through our community and it has consumed my mind and my content,” she wrote in a Jan. 7 Instagram post. “I’ve talked to parents who have had to make difficult choices about childcare, work, activities, events, and so much more in the interest of the health and safety of their child and family for two years. I’ve heard parents say they feel the most helpless they’ve ever felt. ‘When will this be over?’ ‘I feel like I’ve been drowning for two years and this is pulling me under.’ ‘I feel like I need a break and it’s never come,'” she wrote. “I was asked the other day in my stories, ‘How can I help my child cope with everything right now. Frankly, I am more concerned about us than our kids,” Amin wrote. “We have had to carry an enormous weight on our shoulders for two years.” To read the rest of her message click here:
  • Finally, Wendy’s, as a company, has mastered making jokes on Twitter as advertising. (All due respect to MoonPie.) That’s why it created a totally made-up social media holiday to unfurl a concentrated burst of snappy tweets. January 12 is National Roast Day this year, and the “roast” has nothing to do with grandmother’s dried-up entrées. It’s a day dedicated to roasting people on Twitter. Wendy’s put out a tweet and basically said, “Line up if you want to be ridiculed.” Lots of people (and companies looking for a little of that social media clout to rub off on them) lined up for mostly good-natured ribbing. We are sharing some of the best roasts!
  • At the end of the show – What does it mean if you keep having dreams about falling? Although falling dreams themselves are common, the meaning of the dreams and the types of falls differ for each individual. Dreams about falling might be due to physiological reasons. As your body begins to relax, your heart rate drops and you begin to fall asleep. This triggers the sensation of falling, which made lead to a falling dream. We are diving into this Hot Topic and more coming up today on GTU Hour 1.

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