Ben Morgan is not only our floor director here at Good Things Utah, which means he keeps things running behind the scenes as cues are called and set pieces are moved into place, but he lends his multiple creative talents to the team time and time again.

A seasoned drag performer, Ben tells us he fell in love with the art of performance and creating characters, and learned the art of makeup, sewing costumes, and styling wigs. He’s created stunning full head to toe looks for us for not only our Halloween shows, but fundraisers, and FanX.

When we gave Ben our Mario theme, we let him run with it, knowing his take would be above and beyond what we could imagine! Watch him talk through the details of each costume for the Super Mario world. He truly brought Princess Peach, Toad, Bowser, and Magikoopa to life, and made them more glamorous then we knew possible!

Follow Ben on IG at @benmorganphoto