McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is back and it’s better than ever

Good Things Utah
  • On Good Things Utah today – We are green with excitement about the Shamrock Shake being back at McDonald’s! We’ll tell you why this year it’s extra delicious. Plus, the new Bachelorette has just been revealed and she promises to add a whole new level of maturity to the show. We’ll tell you about the familiar choice. And a Utah mom is sounding off about her middle school’s dance policy. We’ll tell you why it’s so controversial. And finally, performer Marie Osmond says she won’t be giving her children any of her fortunes. Her opinion has been the talk of The Talk this week…
  • And finally, the cutest picture you will see all week! A little boy in “time out” and his dog decides to join him. And model Chrissy Tiegen says she actually appreciated being “mom-shamed” recently, this is odd – we’ll tell you why! I hope you join us for a Monday edition of GTU.

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