Matching made easy for moms and children

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Matching with your little kids is easier than ever thanks to Mama and Mini Mr. Owner, Jessalynn Speight is here with her daughter showing off the cutest matching clothes every mom and child needs. It can be hard to find matching clothes when your kid is so little so she solved that issue.

Speight took over this company after the person before her couldn’t handle it anymore so she decided to add more girls’ clothes, higher sizes, and focused on basic matching. This clothing allows for the mom and children to feel connected in some way and is perfect for cute photos and videos.

The models in the video are seen matching with their little ones in basic stylish clothing that will still look good even if they’re apart. The first mom is matching with her baby daughter in a white ribbed v-neck and the other is matching with her son in a chunky knit sweater that comes in three different colors.

Speight said this clothing comes in unisex styles and offers a wide variety of sizes so everyone can find something they love. Family photos will be a breeze from here on out thanks to her!

These clothes are adorable and she’s even offering 15% off for viewers by using promo code GTU so be sure to check out her store in Draper, website, Instagram, and Facebook to see everything they have to offer!

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