With Father’s Day coming on Sunday, it can be hard to find gifts for the guy who gives the most. Thankfully, Wild Bear Soaps is here to help! At the end of the day, guys like to relax, too. And what better way to do so than with a bath bomb for dads? Since Dad is always putting everyone else’s needs ahead of his own, sometimes his quality of products in the shower is not the best. It might seem like it’s easiest to buy whatever’s the cheapest, but in the long run you’ll be paying more. Most commercial soaps have processed ingredients and preservatives that can have detrimental effects on the skin. Wild Bear Soaps has the solution to these problems. 

Justin Smith, COO and founder of Wild Bear Soaps and a dad himself, came on Good Things Utah to talk about the advantages of taking care of your skin. Smith initially started making the soaps for an emergency preparedness pack and realized its versatility. Smith’s wife thought about what can be used to bathe and wash hair if one was in the wilderness. After researching and making soaps at home, Wild Bear was born. The company’s slogan is “Soap for your Bear Bum.”  Wild Bear Soaps uses only the finest ingredients that hydrate the skin and provide ample moisture, which are essential in this dry Utah climate. The ingredients are 100% plant based and natural with cold pressed oils. “We use five natural oils. Each oil has its own unique benefit for your skin.” said Smith. The brand has a variety of soaps that provide different advantages including UV ray protection and nurtures the skin. There are unscented, lightly scented and scented soaps with options for everyone. 

Based in Utah County, Wild Bear Soaps is made by men, for men with plenty of options for the ladies. The company has unique fragrances and “manly” scents. ‘Vetiver Pine Tar’ is one of the manly scents that is perfect to take camping as it helps with skin issues one gets while camping including poison ivy and bug bites. It also has a great manly fragrance that the ladies will love on their men. ‘Bear Lake’, named after the beloved lake straddled between Utah and Idaho, is a great option for those who like a lighter yet manly fragrance. These soaps are great for cleansing and no moisturizer necessary as they provide hydration even after lathering. The company also has over ten different kinds of bath bombs for all genders and ages and a plethera of soap preserving accessories. 

To purchase your soaps for Dad, visit Wildbearsoaps.com and get 10% off your purchase with promo code: goodthingsutah, available until Jun. 20. Free shipping on all purchases over $40. Utah County residents can pick up their soaps in person upon request or with a 24 hour notice online and the option to pick up via purchase online. For more information on Wild Bear Soaps, follow them on Instagram and Facebook: @wild.bear.soaps