Every year Cat Palmer offers a workshop for feng shui vision boards! Clients who have taken her workshop have incredible stories of the things they post on the board coming to fruition. There are nine categories discussed: wealth, reputation, relationships, family, health, creativity/or children, wisdom/knowledge, career/life journey, travel. Cat tells us categories are tailored to your specific desires. A relationship doesn’t have to be with a significant other, it can be with yourself.

Palmer believes manifesting what you want and getting specific as you can is key! How much of a raise do you want? What type of car do you see yourself in? Where do you want to travel? What sort of things do you want in a relationship? What things do you want to learn this year?

Make sure to put your completed vision board in a space where you can see it!

Cat has a limited availability or an online option, visit her blog to learn more: http://catpalmerphoto.blogspot.com

Deena Manzanares
Deena Marie Manzanares is a Utah native, but lived in NYC for a few years while attending the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School. Locally, she has worked as a professional actor for years in both stage and film.