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Turns out the 2020 just wasn’t our year. Does that mean this mess will bleed into 2021? Not necessarily.

According to Numerologist, Juhl T Helias we can manifest a better year. Julh says it’s all about your spoken words, and numbers.

“We are in “The in Between Zone” of Numerology,” says Juhl. “After 3,6,9 comes ZERO. Zero is the number of creation & infinite possibilities.”

According to Juhl, where the Kabbalah calendar ends (Sept-October) and where ours begin (Dec 21 – Jan 1) is a perfect time to create a manifest.

“The Prime months for Manifestation for the upcoming year of 2021 is the last 3 months of 2020,” says Juhl. “This is Alpha and Omega period. Where the gate is open and the way is easy or 0 = infinite. There are no blocks. Your future is open!”

Why take advantage of this time period? Juhl says you are in unison with new, open, creative force energy. What you create now will begin to manifest on the physical plane for 2021. 

Here are a few ways to create a manifest now:

-Written Form. Journal.
-Meditation Form 
-Spoken Form (proclamation) 
-Commit (connect) 
-Charge up the Light Body: Description 
-Release & Trust 

For more questions or to take advantage of your personal numbers for 2021 with personal advice see Juhl T Helias at

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