Alisa Van Langeveld, Ph.D. came to GTU to share how to manage your child’s frustration. Van Langeveld is an Adjunct Professor at University of Utah where she teaches Family Studies. She also serves a member of the North Salt Lake City Council. As a mother of four, she also knows firsthand how to help children through their meltdowns. She is the founder of “10 Minutes Together” which helps parents learn how to efficiently manage parent and child’s time together.

Everyone has meltdowns, parents and kids alike. Using our bodies to calm down is easier than using our words and thoughts. Van Langeveld recommends using your body and instructing your child to do the same. While it might be hard to recognize using your body, Van Langeveld suggests these three methods:

Breathing – Belly breath, holding breath, elongate inhale or exhale

Body awareness, touch (find your feet, wiggle toes)

Eye contact (empathetic face)

Using our bodies to calm down is a simple strategy built on our best brain science for managing our kids meltdowns and our own.” said Van Langeveld.

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