Author and speaker Carrie Severson Dewey tells us her book, Unapologetically Enough, is about her own personal burnout journey and recovery. She was surprised with the response among readers, who called it a mental health book after it’s May 2022 release. Since then, Carrie has been hired by associations and businesses to lead burnout recovery workshops for their members or employees. 

“Burnout comes in when we aren’t able to manage our nervous system due to being chronically stressed whether that’s happening at home or at work”. In Unapologetically Enough, Carrie explains how to regulate the nervous system with breathing exercises, visualization techniques, and a handful of exercises to help those who are quiet quitting in work or life.

Carrie shared with the hosts her top five favorite ways to regulate your nervous system anywhere you are: 4-7-8 breathing, tapping, humming, cold shower, and fresh air.

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