Dr. Julie Hanks from Wasatch Family Therapy joined us via Zoom today to discuss five ways we can find the positive amidst event cancellations, disruptions, and lack of physical touch during quarantine and social-distancing.

Julie’s five tips are:

1.) Learn to self-soothe— We are being bombarded with messages of fear and uncertainty. Instead of giving in to worry and anxiety, we can take this time to practice managing our anxiety and calm ourselves amid the media whirlwind. We can slow down our thoughts and feelings and practice mindfulness. We can consciously breathe slowly and deeply. We can write down our thoughts and feelings in a journal to help express them

2.) Connect with intention — While we’re physical distancing we don’t have to emotionally distance. We can reach out the those around us. Write thank you letters, pick up the phone and call a neighbor, check on an elderly family member, play games with your kids.

3.) Maximize technology —  Technology often gets a bad reputation as a distraction from the things that matter most. However, technology is simply a tool, and right now, our lives are much better because of it. We live in an amazing age where many can work remotely, attend school online, get exercise classes online, take dance classes over Zoom, and stay connected on social media.

4.) Prioritize projects — Pull out that list of home projects that have been on the back burner –cleaning out the cupboards, painting the bathroom, starting those scrapbooks that we’ve been putting off for months.

5.) Learn a new skill — Have you always wanted to play guitar, learn how to bake bread, or paint a watercolor? Hop on YouTube and find a tutorial for the skill you’ve been waiting to learn.

If you find yourself needing some help, or someone to talk to during this time, Wasatch Family Therapy is offering virtual therapy sessions. Contact Julie at wasatchfamilytherapy.com or call 801-944-4555.