It’s the new year and everyone has jumped on the resolution bandwagon, but before you fully commit, ask yourself how you want to feel at the end of 2020.

We’re talking resolutions versus values with motivational speaker Ganel-lyn Condie. She joined us to share that resolutions don’t change with circumstances and sometimes they are too specific or too broad. So zoning into your values will help you get on a more focused track.

Values, Ganel-lyn said, are a compass for your year, not the destination. They help you adjust for changes in life three months down the road.

Now you might be asking yourself, how do I choose my values. Ganel-lyn said journaling about times in your life when you felt connection to purpose, joy and authenticity can help. Also, take a look at value words on Pinterest, notice words that keep coming up, and narrow down your top two.

Once you have your values, it’s time to act on them! So make measurable, short term goals for the month and re-evaluate where you are at quarterly.

Ganel-lyn explained that values are the HOPEFUL path to growth and transformation. And when Christmas comes around again, consider/journal all the ways in which you MOVED TOWARDS your values.

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