Make your home more colorful with plants

Good Things Utah

Our studio was livened up today with all the plants and decor showcased from The Moody Cactus! The artist behind The Moody Cactus, Sydney, is here discussing the benefits of inviting nature into your home. Sydney’s creations are inspired by a love of house plants and a need to create colorful homes for them. She believes inviting nature into your home helps bring a sense of serenity to the busy urban environment.

Sydney offers a wide variety of different home good products that everyone needs to spice up their home. One is a tray that comes in two sizes which can be used for different items. The first is a trinket tray which is great for jewelry, keys, skin-care products, and other small items while the other is a larger tray that can be used as a decorative shelf.

Sydney also provides propagation stations which she said is her favorite! She said people who aren’t plant experts may not know what this is so she describes it as a little glass container for plant cuttings or a single flower stem. To see some of the other products she offers, be sure to watch the video above.

Also, check out Sydney’s website for more information and to get other plant advice!

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