We were joined by Amelianau Segi to talk about recenting added SLC airport service. SkySquad!! It is now at SLC airport to help you from your car, through security, all the way to the gate. SkySquad was inspired by a mom who struggled to travel through the airport with her kids. She started it so parents in the same situation or seniors could enjoy travelling just a little more with the fresh relief of stress of the airport. They are badged and can get you all the to the gate and can also take you from the gate to your car. In addition to the incredible convienience of having someone to help you they also can get you through security faster. Since they have access to the priority lane. This service can be purchased at their website.  

Website: www.skysquad.com 

Instagram: @skysquadnow 

TikTok: @skysquadnow 

Facebook: @theskysquad