9-year-old Raegan Jones was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 4, giving her a childhood that would be different than most. She was not able to go out and play with friends in order to keep herself safe from contracting germs, so she stayed inside and baked.

5 years later, Raegan is still baking and is officially cancer-free. She has perfected the art of making the perfect French Macaron dessert cookie and stopped by the GTU kitchen to show us some tips and tricks.


117 g of almond flour

170 g powdered sugar

56 g granulated sugar

117 g egg whites (approx 4 eggs)

1 tsp vanilla

  • Measure your ingredients on a scale to get the most accurate measurements.
  • Make sure your eggs are at room temperature when separating your egg whites.
  • Use the 6 minute mixer rule when making the meringue (2 minutes on low, 2 minutes on medium, and 2 minutes on high)
  • Sift your almond flour/powdered sugar blend and smash any clumps before mixing with the meringue
  • Macronage the combined mixture about 40-60 swipes around the bowl
  • Use a cup to fill your piping bag cleanly
  • Use silicone circle guided baking mats for even-sized cookies
  • Smack the tray to knock out any air bubbles in the mixture circles. Use toothpicks to pop any remaining air bubbles.
  • Allow to dry for about 20-40 minutes (until not sticky to touch) before placing in oven to bake
  • In higher altitudes, bake at 275 degrees for about 18 minutes.
  • Look for the “foot” at the bottom of the cookie to tell you when they are close to being done baking.

Find Raegan on her baking Instagram page by clicking here.