With holiday shopping coming soon, Stace Jensen is here reminding viewers how important it is to keep a budget. Jensen is a financial expert and has helpful advice on how to maintain healthy relationships with money.

She reminds us that keeping a healthy relationship with money takes time and gets harder as we get older. The first step she recommends is to assess your current relationship with money. Jensen said to ask yourself how it makes you feel when making major purchases since it’ll help you recognize what you don’t want to feel.

She also advises people to create spending priorities which means focusing on what you should spend your money on. Her example is if you like going out to eat and also enjoy traveling, which option will you prioritize. If you go out to eat less, you can save up for vacations or vise versa. Her other tips are to remember that wealth is a mindset and to acknowledge your emotions. This is a step further than assessing your current relationship with money.

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