There is no greater joy than curling up at home and reading a classic novel by society’s best writers. That joy becomes amplified when you can hold a true vintage copy of the book. These old books can also double as a fun way to increase your home aesthetic giving it a nostalgic flair. Cyrita Lee and Ysabelle Smith from Books for Decor, came to Good Things Utah to talk about what we can do with our old books and where to take them if you do not have any use for them. 

Inspired by their love of books, Lee and Smith wanted to cherish and preserve their love of novels and ensure all bibliophiles would have a unique decor to their bookshelf and coziness to the home. “Books are just beautiful. They bring a beautiful feel. You can read them. That’s one thing I love about ours is they stay exactly the way that they are. We don’t cut them. You can find beautiful classics [and] things that really just make your home a better place to learn.” said Smith. 

The books are preserved and in impeccable condition You can purchase a collection that fits your aesthetic or your book preferences. Every set is made to order and you can custom select the books that are to your liking. Books for Decor offers true vintage and antique sets in addition to vintage reproductions of books and modern books with a contemporary aesthetic or a retro inspired look. In addition to different aesthetics, Books for Decor also has nearly any book you need.  The antique collection remains a fan favorite. “Our multicolored antique has blown up [in] the last few [weeks]. It’s been really cool to watch because they’re over 100 years old and it’s so neat to be able to showcase that in your home. It’s history.” said Lee. Books for Decor maintains the integrity of the books. 

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