Many of us can feel intimidated on where to begin on a new exercise routine. We can feel discouraged and defeated when we see a high impact workout. Especially those of us who have been rusty or even those of us in our sunset years. Natalie Bedford has the answer. She came to Good Things Utah for Fitness Friday to show the best low impact workout that everyone can enjoy and do at their own convenience. 

Along with GTU host Nicea DeGering, Bedford used resistance bands to display the ease of these workouts. Although this is not a complicated workout, it is very rewarding and helps build endurance and strengthens the muscles. The workout starts with pulling shoulders back, squeeze the core and bring your arms to a right angle while placing your hands between the bands. When you begin pulsing, you strengthen the muscles in your shoulders and triceps. Both DeGering and Bedford said they could immediately feel the muscles being strengthened. Bedford also recommends holding your movements for several seconds and suggests moving your lower body but if one needs to remain stationary, they can still reap benefits from the upper body exercise. 

Bedford also showed a movement in which one “raises the roof” and holds their arms up  in a vertical position and is more advantageous than using weights.  “This workout is so great because it’s so versatile,” said Bedford. “You have a much more variable range of motion to work through versus weights. Everything with weights is gravity based where you can go in any direction and still feel that resistance.” Another advantage to resistance bands is they are accessible and easy to carry and perfect for travel. Bedford also suggests using long socks and tying them around each other if you do not have a resistance band.  Bicep curls are also easy to do with the resistance band or makeshift bands. 

Many may not realize there are numerous types of bands and it’s important to find a band that fits your needs and workout goals. Not all bands are created equal. Some will provide more resistance than others. There are light, medium, heavy and extra heavy bands which are all advantageous depending on your preferred workout and outcome. Bedford suggests using medium resistance bands around your legs when doing squats. These bands allow for maximum mobility while also strengthening muscles. 

To schedule a personal training session with Bedford you can find her at Her website also includes a nutrition plan, ebook, and a salad recipe book that is perfect for summer. She is also on Instagram and TikTok: @thunderfitnesstraining