Today on GTU, Courtney Otis brings food from Under Wraps Sushi, Maize tacos, and Ruby Snap Cookies. 

Under wraps is the first sushi restaurant in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  This locally owned red tried to live by Japanese traditional cooking and uses very fresh ingredients.  

Instagram: @underwrapssushi 

Maize Tacos is a Mexican taco shop that started from a food truck.  The owners are from San Francisco and are used to taquerias on every corner.  They wanted to bring that back to Salt Lake.  They are known for the handmade corn tortillas and cook their Al Pastor meat the traditional way on a spit.  They just opened a second store front in Draper.  

Instagram: @maizetacosut 

Rubysnap is a gourmet cookie shop in downtown Salt Lake City.  They use only real ingredients and have innovative flavors.  This woman owned business has grown front a single store front to having frozen bake at home cookies in the grocery store.  

Instagram: @rubysnap 

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