For fitness Friday, Kiana Williams, founder of Kulia Wear, came to Good Things Utah to discuss her athleisure line and her best work out tips. As a busy mom, Williams knows how precious time is and how hard it can be to squeeze a workout at home when attending to the little ones. With limited time and resources, Williams shows the best 15 minute workouts that help build muscle and resistance with the Booty Band. This is a great way to get your heart rate up. You can add weights to the regime but can still get quite the workout sans weights. 

The exercise starts with four movements, four rounds, and has 50 seconds on with a 10 seconds rest.  It starts with a lunge and jumps between each lunge. The next move has a squat and a knee thrusts, which helps build resistance. The third movement is alternating side leg lifts, which helps build muscles in the thighs and gluteal area as well as helps build the core area. Finally, the workout is completed with jumping jacks. Williams and GTU host, Surae Chinn, worked quite a sweat doing this routine all with the booty band in place. This workout can be done all at once or cumulatively and can be done while watching tv or even cooking, as Williams and Chinn have done. 

Kulia is a great option for athleisure as it’s durable for the gym but cute to wear out on the town. Perfect for lounging and lunging. Long are the days where one needs to choose either fashion or comfort. 

To purchase Kulia athleisure, visit and stay up to date by following them on Instagram, @kulia.wear. For healthy recipes by Williams, follow @wholesome_ki on Instagram.