Jason Halladay has been a graphic designer for over 30 years, and always loved art. 2017, he discussed with friends how he kept his boys quiet in church with doodling, his friends loved the idea, and wanted to create art with Jason too. His collaborative doodling style turned into The Artist in You & Me Project that can be found on YouTube

We loved hearling the story of Jason’s wife Jennifer finding an art contest at their local South Logan Walmart, which Jason entered, and won! His mural can be seen there still today, and it was his wife who suggested turning the art into a puzzle (My Hometown 1000pc puzzle) and thus, Periwinkle Puzzles was born in 2020.

One of Jason’s sons gifted his parents a TikTok account 5 days before Christmas in 2022, with the surprise of two uploaded videos that had already gone viral of the parents’ puzzles. The puzzles then sold out in just two days, with additional hundreds of pre-orders!

Jason wants to put his art on everything, such as notebooks, skateboard decks, coloring books, shoes and more. The first pair of shoes he designed was actually for Mat Franco, the first magician to win America’s Got Talent!

Products can be purchased at periwinkleproducts.com