Looking to learn a new skill or change up your career, V School has you covered. We sat down with Mo Reeder, V School COO and Sindee Savage, Director of Growth and Partnerships to talk about an exciting opportunity for local women in Utah County. 

V School is an online, mastery-based, educational platform designed to launch careers in tech. They are offering one lucky woman in Utah County the You Belong in Tech Scholarship, a full-ride scholarship of twenty-one thousand dollars by Sustainable Startup and Meta. To apply, visit their website and fill out the application with the aptitude test to understand if this is for you. In addition, there are about half a million dollars of partial scholarships that are available for all. They are also offering four-thousand dollars off of tuition for thirty-four people who go into technology. All of these applications are available online. V School is hosting a three-part educational series starting on August 24th about how to break into tech and utilize the skills you have learned. They want to break the stereotype of the tech industry being a male-driven field and bring more women into these roles. “We have lots of hiring partners that are wanting and seeking females in tech, “ states Savage. The average starting salary of their graduates is seventy-five thousand dollars a year for a coder or designer. The average time frame for this is about six months. V school works around your schedule to make your experience as easy as possible. The first event of their educational series is a panel with females in the industry on August 24th in Lehi from 7-9 pm at the Kiln. 

Visit vschool.io to apply for the scholarships

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