Local food artists compete on Disney+ “Foodtastic”

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If you are a fan of cooking competitions, you will love our guests today. Utah natives, Jessica Frandsen-Villeneuve, Kylie Holt, and Amy Goff recently returned from competing on a cooking show that will soon air on Disney+. The three have competed against each other in the past, but have become a team and are here to share their experience.

“Foodtastic” is an immersive global competition series where highly skilled artists create extravagant scene work and larger-than-life sculptures made entirely out of food. From vegetables and butter to fruit and cheese, these everyday items are transformed into works of art. The show is hosted by the multitalented, Emmy® award-winning actress Keke Palmer and FLOUR SHOP founder Amirah Kassem and NYC’s City Cakes founder chef Benny Rivera serve as food art experts on the series.

The ladies explained the term food artist. They said it is being able to create any type of art out of food items. For their episode their theme was Toy Story: Toy Doctor to the Rescue. The food artists were supposed to distract Andy before he learns his robot toy is broken. The contestants made a whimsical, larger-than-life foodscape featuring iconic Disney characters from Toy Story. Then at the conclusion of the episode, the food sculptures are judged purely on their design, technical skills, and narrative, and not by taste.

All episodes of “Foodtastic” will be available to stream beginning Wednesday, December 15 on Disney+ and be sure to keep up with the artists on Facebook.

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