Hildegard Koenig and Jay Koenig discussed their upcoming charity event that raises funds for cancer warriors. 

Hildegard Koenig, the president and co-founder, and Jay Koenig, the vice-president and co-founder, of Ink Against Cancer-Cancer Warriors Foundation (IACCWF) first began their grassroots foundation for their brother, Wolf. Founded in 2017, the foundation has operated in Wolf’s memory by helping 50 families with funding for everyday expenses related to fighting cancer.  

Their annual event includes 20 tattoo artists, various vendors, painters, musicians, two piercers, a henna booth, an auction, and food trucks. The Koenigs shared that all proceeds raised go to the families that they serve and all tattoo artists donate about half of what they make during the event to the proceeds too. The staff is on a volunteer basis and unpaid.  

Viewers can attend the event on July 16 and 17 at the Utah State Fairpark located at 155 North 1000 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 

More information can be found on their Instagram and Facebook pages at @iaccancerwarriorsfoundation and their website at https://www.inkagainstcancer.com