Gift wrapping shouldn’t be a chore! Haley Pearce, Creator of Paper and Knot on Instagram joined two of GTU to share how this business makes all your wrapping troubles disappear.

Pearce wraps gifts for any celebration. Ranging from birthdays, holidays, weddings, Paper and Knot has got you covered. Pearce is stationed in Herriman and Layton, making it easy for local customers. 

Pearce has always appreciated the act of gift-wrapping. Pearce wanted to build a business that she would love while also helping others.

Pearce draws, paints, adds bows, stickers, and anything else the customer requests. Pearce pays attention to detail, making each gift box come out beautiful. 

If anyone is interested in Paper and Knot gift wrapping service, follow the links below! 

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Instagram: @paperandknot