Rachael Ellis, founder of En Pointe Ballet in West Jordan, came to Good Things Utah to talk about her newest project, ‘Coppelia’, and to give a sneak peak of the show. Ellis, who has been dancing since she was six years old, founded the EPB 10 years ago in the Salt Lake Valley. Prior to teaching dance in Utah, Ellis taught students to dance in Kentucky, Florida, Alabama and even Germany while her husband was active duty military. 

En Pointe Ballet specializes in classic ballet for all ages and also has programs especially for men and boys, where they can choose to take classes that are just for them. “They have classes that are all boys, all men in the classes until they get older and want to be with the girls,” said Ellis. After boys join the classes with girls, they begin partnering with them. 

The dancers, which included high school students and college freshmen, performed ‘The Wheat Dance’ from ‘Coppelia. The dance tells the story of an Old Wive’s Tale in which one would rattle the wheat in their love interest’s ear and if he heard the rattle it would indicate he loved you. If He did not hear it, he did not love you and love ‘Coppelia’ instead, who was later revealed to be a doll. 

En Pointe Ballet also has ballroom dancing events held monthly which makes a great date night activity. Ballroom Date Night has a new theme each month and serves sweet and savory treats. Anyone 16 years or older is invited to attend. Tickets are $10 per person and can be purchased on their website.

 ‘Coppelia’ will be performed at West Jordan High School from Jun. 9-11. The shows will start at 6 p.m. each night and will also have a matinee showing on Jun. 11 at 1 p.m. To purchase tickets, go to www.enpointeballet.net and enter promo code ‘BALLETBOGO’ for a buy one get one free deal. 

Instagram: @enpointeballet

Facebook: En Pointe School of Ballet