Local bakery that’s mastered the art of sourdough

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Nothing beats the smell and taste of fresh-baked bread. Adam Curfew, Co-owner and Baker of The Brewer’s Bread, joined us in the studio today. 

The Brewer’s Bread is a small bakery run by husband and wife, specializing in making artisanal breads. The secret behind a good loaf of bread is mastering the combination of water, flour, salt, and natural yeast. Over the past 25 years, Curfew has been perfecting the recipe and has been able to produce world-class bread. 

Curfew explained the process of overnight fermentation, which is what gives their bread exceptional crust and crumb. The couple is passionate about using natural ingredients with no preservatives. The Brewer’s Bread products use local Flour from Lehi Roller Mills and are naturally leavened with a proprietary starter, developed using brewing malts and flour.

The business has grown significantly since its opening in 2019 by Kellee Curfew. The bakery can be found on social media and online at: 

Website: thebrewersbread.com  

Instagram: @thebrewersbread

FB: The Brewer’s Bread 

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