Local baker is sharing her baking secrets to create gourmet-looking cupcakes

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If you’re looking to learn how to create gourmet-looking cupcakes for your next fourth of July party, then Camryn Payne of Cakes by Camryn has got you covered! She joins us live in the kitchen to share some of her baking secrets.

Camryn resides in Mapleton, ten minutes south of Provo. She enjoys the outdoors, hiking, mountain biking, etc. She is currently going to school right now to become a nurse.

Why did Camryn get into cake decorating? 

She got hooked on the TV show “Cake Boss” when she was young and began practicing her skills whenever her mom felt kind enough to let her destroy her kitchen.

How long has Camryn been running ‘Cakes by Camryn’? 

She has been decorating cakes for about ten years now; she has run her business in full swing for three years. She started making small occasion cakes for birthdays and specializes in wedding cakes and gourmet cupcakes for significant events.

What did she teach us in the kitchen? 

Camryn showed how to make her famous American Buttercream. She also showed a couple of different frost cupcakes to make them look like they came from a professional kitchen.

What inspired the recipe she showed today? 

She wanted to sort of playoff a Fourth of July theme since the holiday is right around the corner. She thought of traditional American flavors, such as Apple Pie! Half of the cupcakes will be decorated with an apple pie cupcake recipe that she recently developed, and the other half will be red velvet. She chose red velvet for its iconic rich red color that coincides perfectly with the holiday. Then she also added some cookies and creme into the batter simply because that’s her personal favorite! 

Tips and tricks on how to make homemade frosting even when you’re in a pinch? 
 -Butter can be softened in the microwave.
 -Total time it takes Camryn is usually no more than ten minutes. 
-Make big batches of frosting and freeze.

What baking tools should beginners invest? 
-All of the cupcake designs will be done today using just one tip–#1M Wilton Star tip 
-Invest in the tip mentioned above, a reusable piping bag, and an offset spatula.

What are some common errors of beginners? 
-It’s easy to assume that it will all come simply and naturally.
-The skill will come, but it takes a lot of practice.
-Don’t get discouraged; bake cakes or cupcakes whenever you get the chance–for your holiday party or your kid’s birthdays.
 -Focus on the small details of cake design, for example, where to place your hand on your piping bag, the angle to hold your tip, and the speed at which you should frost. 

What are some cake trends Camryn has noticed this summer? 
-A lot of people are digging a textured look for their cake.
-Minimalism with some color-popping florals has also been trending.
-People have also been choosing some exciting, non-traditional flavors. 
-She has seen a lot of lemon raspberry and vanilla with lemon curd! Those fruity flavors. 

What have been the most common flavors Camryn has seen, as well as some abnormal ones? 

She’s seen a lot of lemon raspberry and vanilla with lemon curd! Those fruity flavors. 

She’s had brides choose funfetti and even tres leches flavored cakes this summer. As for odd flavors, her wedding cake was red velvet.

 Camryn would love to see what everyone’s preferred flavors are. Find her on Instagram, and she will set up some polls so you can tell her what flavor you would choose for your hypothetical wedding cake. 

Directions for Baking/Decorating tip: 

1.In four separate piping bags, place your #1M Wilton Star tip.

 Each bag will hold a different color: one red, one blue, one white, the other will be used for later. 

2.For our first cupcake, place some sprinkles in a shallow bowl. Then, pipe some white frosting in the center of your cupcake. Turn your cupcake face down to the sprinkles and gently apply even pressure to all sides. Use a different color frosting to make a small swirl going up. 

3.The second cupcake we’re making looks like a firework! Use any color of frosting to make a swirl going up. Place red, white, and blue sprinkles on directly after frosting the cupcake. Cut a twizzler or red vine into one-inch pieces. On the twizzler, peel individual strands down part of the way. Then, place the base on the top of the cupcake. 

4.For the third cupcake, you will need some saran wrap. Place an 8X10 piece on your counter and pipe frosting in all three colors, the length of the wrap. Roll the saran wrap with the frosting lines staying vertical. Cut one end of your frosting log and place it into it. 

5.The fourth cupcake is quite simple. Use any color to make a circle on the cupcake. Dust some shimmery sprinkles. Then place any topper of your choice. Camryn used a macaron, but you could also use an oreo or paper cupcake topper. 

Camryn’s All American Buttercream 

-2 sticks butter, slightly colder than room temperature 
-5 cups confectioners sugar 
-large pinch of salt 
-1-4 tablespoons heavy whipping cream as needed 
-1 teaspoon of vanilla extract 


  1. Place your butter in a mixer and start whipping it at a low speed, gradually getting faster. Mix until the butter begins to become more white (about two minutes). 
  2. Add your extract and salt and mix until combined. 
  3. Then incorporate your powdered sugar and one tablespoon of heavy cream. 
  4. Mix on a low speed and add cream as needed 
  5. Beat until light; stiff peaks are formed. 
  6. Enjoy! 

Find Cakes by Camryn online, and IG.

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