Local author Bret Wonnacott discussed his new book “A Millionaire’s Dream” today with us in the studio. 

Wonnacott said that his book is inspired by elements of Utah and Southern Idaho culture that he enjoyed. The book is about the relationship between a boy and his dog and their experience in field trials, with Wonnacott saying that he wanted to capture the therapeutic and close connection that occurs from working with a dog as a team. The book also discusses wildlife conservation and its importance of it, using characters in his book to stress the importance of keeping things safe and preserved for the future. The title is inspired by the dream of winning the field trial, Wonnacott said.  

He said that he hopes that dog lovers and those with a love of the outdoors alike will take something away from the book and enjoy it. Wonnacott said that the book was published in October 2021 and that it took him 5 years from beginning the writing process of the book to publishing.  

Those interested in reading Wonnacott’s book can find it on Amazon and you can connect with him on Bret Wonnacott – Author on Facebook.