Andres and Ernestina from La Casa Del Tamal showed us their famous authentic Mexican food. 

Serving up family recipes that have been around for years, La Casa Del Tamal first opened in 2019. Hailing from Mexico, the family takes a modern twist on traditional Mexican flavors. 

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The first dish they showed us was their Birria taco. The taco is full of melted mozzarella cheese, beef that’s slow-cooked for over six hours, and onions with cilantro. The tacos are then dipped into a flavorful broth that is also cooked for over six hours.  

After the tacos, we moved on to another signature dish, tamales. La Casa Del Tamal started over 15 years ago by delivering these tamales around Utah.

The entire process takes two hours and it is very tedious. From making the flour, meat, and salsa to steaming them, this amazing dish is worth the try. They have many different types including red pork, which they brought for us to try, green chicken, mole, and veggie. They also have dessert tamales such as pineapple and strawberry. La Casa Del Tamal has been known to have the best tamale in the state. Enjoy it with a classic side of rice and beans or with coffee as they do in Mexico.

La Casa Del Tamal is open Monday-Saturday in West Valley. Stop by for a delicious meal and support this family-owned business, you won’t regret it. 

La Casa Del Tamal

2843 S 5600 W

West Valley

Instagram and Facebook: @lacasadeltamalutah