Local artist, Brandon Bouck, joined us today on GTU to teach about a technique he calls shatter impressionism. Bouck is an artist with Tourettes who follows a life-long passion for creativity, art therapy, and success (abundance) thinking.

His unique painting style is achieved by using a palette knife to push amounts of paint in a way that makes the painting look shattered. He starts by setting down the basic colors and images and then builds up the colors from there. It is a new method of painting music theory, referred to as Color Chording. 

In GTU hour 2, Bouck explained how he makes the colors and shapes work with the chords of the song. The painting of the skier in Utah was created with chords to the song Beautiful Day by U2.

Painting is a great form of therapy for Bouck. He has been painting for years and he says that it calms him.
His work can be found at Mainstreet Gallery in Park City. He is offering a promotion for 25% off prints using the code GTU25. More photos can be found on www.brandonbouck.com and on Instagram @Brandonbouck