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You probably know her from Netflix! Local actress, Ash Santos joins us today to discuss all her latest and upcoming projects. Even though she’s a major Hollywood star now, Santos is still able to live and raise her family here in Utah.

She started her acting career by starring in local films in Utah, which include Once I Was a Beehive, an alien sci-fi film, Hallmark Christmas movies, etc. but transitioned to Hollywood only six weeks after having her second child. Her first Hollywood job was three years ago when she acted in season eight of American Horror Story. Santos said it was shocking from start to finish since she had been a fan of that show for so long.

From there she’s been in films such as Night Teeth which trended on Netflix, Heart of Champions, and now True Story. Santos said that because some of her projects were pushed back and rescheduled due to the pandemic, a lot of them aired around the same time.

True Story is premiering on Netflix this Wednesday, Nov. 24 which is an unlimited series with the same creator of Narcos. She’s acting alongside Wesley Snipes, Kevin Hart, and other notable actors where she’s playing Wesley Snipes’ girlfriend. Santos also said this crime, thriller, and drama series features seven episodes which is great for binging.

This is only the beginning of her career, so be sure to follow her on Instagram to stay updated on what’s next. Also, don’t forget to binge-watch True Story on Netflix starting this Wednesday!

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