Brianne is a mom herself and found she has a few things in common with comedians and best friends, Kristin and Jen from #IMOMSOHARD.

One night, over a glass of wine and many tears of frustration, these two friends decided to tell a different kind of story. With a camera, two husbands, a babysitter, and bottomless mimosas, Kristin and Jen decided to speak openly about their fears and failures and prove that the only way to survive motherhood is through laughter and friendship. Their first video was a smash hit, sparking an online community of 2 million of the most engaged followers that social media has ever seen. It confirmed that moms and women everywhere needed to laugh and to be heard.

Kristin and Jen followed up with weekly videos about all things woman and mother: hemorrhoids, nipple hair, sex after marriage, mom bods, spanks, wedding dresses, and swimsuits.

Take a look at their interview above.

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