Lion’s Gate providing scholarships for long term recovery

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, stress can be at its pinnacle for a lot of people. Especially for people struggling with addiction, it can be completely overwhelming.

Lion’s Gate Recovery believes in a recovery approach that is holistic and comprehensive. They implement the latest evidence-based interventions, as well as time, tested standards in recovery.

Their clinicians are seasoned professionals that incorporate several methodologies including EMDR based trauma work, spiritual wellness, and 12 step facilitation. They treat each client with specific care tailored to their individual needs with the appropriate counseling method and clinician.

Therapists treat co-occurring mental health disorders that can complicate recovery from addiction. Family groups and interventions are used to address the issues with the entire system of the client. Their primary goal is for the client to be integrated back into their life free of the bondage of addiction. The recovery center is the perfect place for people to escape and fight addiction.

The lodge in Parowan is a brand new facility with tons of space. The unique log cabin sits on almost 10 acres providing a relaxing place to focus on recovery. Right now, Lion’s Gate Recovery is offering 2 full-ride scholarships for two individuals who do not have the means to get help. Full ride scholarships for residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and housing. This is over $50,000 worth of scholarship!

Learn more about Lion’s Gate Recovery or call 866-471-9476.

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