Life in Amsterdam

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Life in Amsterdam 

Mickelle Weber, Filmmaker, and Founder of The Expat Series joined us to share her journey after moving her family from their hometown in Salt Lake City, Utah to Amsterdam four years ago. She said it was their goal to be world citizens. Mickelle and her husband strategically made a list of countries and concluded that moving to Amsterdam made the most sense for their family that includes three young children.

Mickelle mentioned, “As a pioneer, it’s brought me full circle back to my roots to be able to have that experience.”


  • Her children have different points of view which may have differed if they had not made the move 
  • They have traveled the world, but mostly they’re closer as a family. The culture of their family changed because they have only one another to rely on

Children’s life views and personalities have changed for the better:

  • They recognize different languages spoke and different cultures
  • Personalities have changed because being an outsider and not belonging right away can change someone’s views
  • They are welcoming to new people, and open to change

Toughest Part:

-Being away from family 

-Feeling isolated

-Transition to moving overseas

-Feeling like outsiders

Mickelle’s advice to families wanting to move out of the country:

  1. For any family, you need to be up for it.
  2. Make decisions, first of all, make sure you’ve decided if you want your children to learn the language because that is a big decision living abroad.
  3. Decide if they’ll be going to a public or private school, this will depend on your goals as a family.
  4. Know that the experience will be something undertaking. 
  5. Make sure the culture of your family fits in with the culture you’re going to. 
  6. Always making sure you and your partner are on the same page. 

Expat Series

Mickelle is the founder of the Expat Series which is a development of stories on Expats in Amsterdam. Expat is an abbreviation for the word Ex-Patriot. The word is defined as someone who is living outside of the culture they were born in. The series focuses on four middle-aged women who are from different parts of the world that are living in the same city evolving along with them.

She is currently gathering stories from her community to use. Sign up on their website to stay tuned or to add your stories and be one of the firsts to hear about their future events and episodes.

Find the Expat Series online, and on IG.

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