One of the reasons many of us find teenage years to be difficult is because it is a time of rapid physical development and intense emotional changes. These are exhilarating, but they can also be confusing and unsettling for both the teen and the parent. 

Abbi Winslow, a Life Coach, joined hour two of GTU to share the importance of good communication with your teen. Winslow educates young women how to handle high school and adulthood so that they can overcome their anxieties and develop skills that will help them construct a better future.

Winslow’s coaching approach comes from both good and bad experiences. Winslow talks to teens about setting objectives, stress management, the influence of others, confidence, school preparation, making important life decisions, etc. 

This has helped Winslow reach 300K teens as a Youtuber and coach. A coaching session with Winslow can look like a variety of different things. Ranging from weekly phone calls, personalized coaching, worksheets from lessons, or conversations around teen topics such as self-esteem, friendships, dating, and mentality. Every client is different and Winslow adapts to their needs. 

If anyone is interested in what Winslow can do for you and your teen, follow the links below! 

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