Salt Lake City, UT (Good Things Utah) – Life can bring a rollercoaster of emotions. Some feelings we’d rather push down and not address. In all reality, this makes those struggles even worse. Ganel-Lyn Condie, Speaker and Author, joined us today to discuss that we should not ignore our difficult-to-feel feelings.

Most of the time, we ignore things because we are afraid of the pain of addressing them, but in turn, the pain of not addressing them can become too painful to bear. The pain of bringing attention to our feelings is there for a reason; it is purposeful. 

Condie’s helpful steps you can take to address something you have been avoiding:

  1. Notice your feeling
  2. Address it
  3. Talk about it with someone you trust
  4. Ask for support
  5. Remove unnecessary feelings

Watch the video above to learn more about these tips and how to apply them to your needs. 
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