Betty Brand, Senior Resident shared details on her experience in assisted living during the COVID pandemic and the great things she’s been able to do, like celebrate her birthday this week with her family and see new great-grandchildren, while the family resident will speak to the value of assisted living communities and how she was inspired by staff and residents during the COVID.

Betty Brand, Resident at Truewood of Bountiful by Merrill Gardens

Betty is a strong believer in education and worked in the school system for a large portion of her life. She started a debate program that ended with more than 200 students and became most interested in understanding why kids don’t like school and developing ways to change that. She loved teaching and received a Master’s degree in education.

Marcie Jackson, Family Advisor also shared how she has seen communities become like resident’s second families, and discussed what inspired her most during COVID.  

Marcie Jackson, Family Advisor

Marcie’s passion for seniors came later in life as a young mother. While entertaining her children at McDonald’s a little frail 92-year-old woman fell on the ground in front of me and split her face open. She immediately dropped to the ground and rolled the lady on her lap to comfort her. She was visibly upset trying to console her as Marcie waited for the ambulance to arrive. The roles were reversed as the older lady was patting her hand the whole time assuring that she was ok and so grateful for her help. It was at this very moment that Marcie knew she had to change career paths and begin the journey in Senior Care. Six years ago, Marcie decided to become a family advisor and has since been blessed every moment of every day as she gets to work side by side with our seniors and their families. 

“As of today, more than 74.3% of people 80+ in Utah have been vaccinated and 24.7% of the total Utah population has been fully vaccinated. To date, 1.89 million total vaccines were administered with more than 50% of people 16+ have received at least one dose”.

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