SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Taking that step to go to therapy and work through the things that might be holding us back is always difficult, but especially for men. Shayden Bertagnolli and Jordan Meyer from MOTYV are hoping to liberate men by giving them the tools they need to take that step forward in their lives.

Motyv offers a hybrid Therapy/Coaching model that helps develop emotional intelligence through discipline and self-reflection to help individuals liberate the best version of themself. The Therapy practice helps resolve mental health concerns for Men, Women, Couples, and Families using various modalities to resolve the issues holding them back, allowing them to liberate the best version of themselves; this includes overcoming trauma, repairing and building relationships, and overcoming the self-defeating beliefs that hold people back.

Motyv offers a “Men’s Mental Health Program” that provides daily accountability, support, and tools to help men change behaviors and gain discipline outside therapy sessions. Men struggle with disconnection from others and fear embracing their true selves. Men often struggle with shame and loneliness and lack the emotional regulation skills to handle them appropriately. However, they are less likely to go to therapy to resolve these issues. 

They are currently running a promotion for $100 per month to join MOTYV Men. You can find more information at and @motyv_mens_mental_health